‘I do not paint surrealism, fairytales, nor fantasy, I paint real magic! My reality becomes paintings, and my paintings become reality. This is my craft.’Angela Ferreira

Angela is a fine artist, white witch and founder of the South Wales Drum Circles. Originally from Portugal and living in Wales for over two decades, she has travelled extensively spending the past few years developing a unique way of bringing people together to focus on the healing aspects of the ‘circle’. With her love of the mystical and arts in health background she offers a profound style of art with a healing purpose of the mind, body and spirit. Angela’s technique is very strong but her uniqueness is in ethereal elements with which she populates her canvases.

Angela is a Fine Art Honors graduate from the University of Wales Institute and has a postgraduate degree in Arts in Health from the University of South Wales and worked as artist in residence at the Teenage Cancer Trust, at the University Heath Hospital of Wales for over 3 years.

Angela has dedicated her life to learning, experiencing and combining many different healing paths, both for her own transformation and the benefit of those she meets. Angela mixes sacred drumming, chanting with an intuitive ability. She initiates sacred drum circles and collective journeying by using various tools for journeying that can help others reconnect with their inner wisdom. Angela’s vision is to enable people to find their own true creative power and ‘heart’ consciousness.

Angela exhibited in UK and Portugal and has been featured on many book covers. Her work was published several times in the National Geographic School Books in USA as learning material and recently illustrated a book about Timeless Tales of Woman, Nature and Soul. Angela’s paintings seem to be telling a story, a fairytale channelled from her inner world and intuition… Her vision is to enable people to see the ‘magic in life, using creativity to shift reality into open a doorway to other dimensions of consciousness and take you on a journey into a dream world.

Angela welcomes her Spirit guide to guide her through her work and meditates on a regular basis. Angela also paints aura and soul portraits and the ethereal energies she can sense around people.The strength of the emotion is clear, whether it be seen as through dream, intuition or even pure imagination.

The magical artist is – by definition – a denizen of many parallel worlds.
Nevill Drury